​Health Insurance for Travel Nurses

Travel Nurses spend a lot of time concerned about their patients’ health. But they also need to make sure their own healthcare needs are covered. For Travel Nurses, health insurance is complicated because of time between assignments, and the difference in coverage for different assignments.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the peculiarities of health insurance for Travel Nurses. Let’s make sure you’re always covered!

BlueForce offers health insurance for Travel Nurses

Many travel nursing agencies offer some type of health care coverage for their travelers. At BlueForce, we offer medical, dental and vision benefits, as well as an FSA plan. 

Coverage typically ends on the last day of your employment with an agency, meaning you have to be careful about staying covered between jobs.

Travel Nurses may choose a personal health insurance policy

While most agencies provide health insurance, many Travel Nurses tend to choose individual health insurance coverage for a few reasons.

Some Travel Nurses choose private health insurance because they change agencies often. As we mentioned, you have to take care to stay covered between agencies. Some Travel Nurses avoid that altogether by choosing their own plan, which stays active regardless of employer.

Some Travel Nurses choose private health insurance because of special healthcare situations. There are Nurses whose family situation, medical history or other factors make private insurance a better choice.

Some Travel Nurses choose private insurance for consistency. Even if you don’t plan on changing agencies often, it is nice to keep the same coverage and have a predictable payment.

Make sure you review the benefits provided by your Travel Nurse agencyvs. the benefits of private insurance to make the best decision.

For individuals, agency insurance is usually better

The health insurance you choose will likely depend on who you have to cover. According to a study from travelnursehelp.com, individuals are usually better off choosing insurance provided by a Travel Nurse agency. Premiums are typically the same, and the deductibles with agency insurance are lower.

If you’re insuring a family, choosing coverage may be a bit more complicated. It might make sense to insure yourself through your agency, while finding private coverage for your family members.

Contact us for more information about health insurance

If you’re considering traveling with BlueForce, but are concerned about health insurance, contact us! We’re happy to help you better understand the Travel Nursing benefits you can expect from BlueForce.