5 Books All Travel Nurses Need to Read

Whether its escaping in a good book, or reading up on things to know about travel nursing, there are several books we think all travel nurses need to read. Check out our list below.

Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing) by David Morrison

The first book we recommend every travel nurse read is the Travel Nurse’s Bible (A Guide to Everything on Travel Nursing) by David Morrison. The Travel Nurse’s Bible is a great resource for anyone considering becoming a travel nurse or who is just beginning their journey. David Morrison, a travel nurse with 14 years’ experience, offers his perspective on what every travel nurse should know. The book covers the qualifications and personality traits of a travel nurse and step-by-step instructions on how to get started. This book is a must have resource if you are thinking about starting a career in travel nursing.

Hitting the Road: A Guide to Travel Nursing by Shalon Kearney

Hitting the Road: A Guide to Travel Nursing is another excellent resource for getting started and succeeding as a travel nurse. Shalon Kearney, a retired travel nurse, provides practical information on this relatively new field based on her decades of experience. The book covers international travel, finances and tax strategies. Not sure if travel nursing is really for you? Hitting the Road has self-assessment quizzes aimed to help you decide. You can check out some of our job listings here if you are ready to get started!

The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital by Alexandra Robbins

The third book on our list will help for family and friends to understand what life is really like as a nurse. The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital takes a realistic look at our health-care system. Author Alexandra Robbins followed real-life nurses in four hospitals for a year and interviewed many others for the book. The Nurses discusses subjects that many encounter throughout their career including hospital drama, heroism, and the sisterhood of nursing. This book is an excellent reminder of how courageous nurses are and how much they accomplish throughout their career.

Roadfood by Jane & Michael Stern

Every gypsy nurse deals with the struggle of finding good food while on the road. Roadfood by Jane & Michael Stern offers delicious alternatives to the average pit stop chain restaurant. This book contains descriptions and directions to some of the best restaurants across the United States, supplying you with a variety of options to dine like a local. Don’t want to carry a book around? You can find Roadfood online for up-to-date reviews and recommendations on local restaurants. 

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Eat, Pray, Love is the perfect story for anyone with a passion for travel. Author, Elizabeth Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone and into the world of travel as she explores three different aspects of nature. Gilbert indulges in Italian cuisine, learns the power of prayer and meditation in India, and finds balance and love in Bali. Eat, Pray, Love will inspire you to find peace within your self and to travel the world.


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