How to Help Your Recruiter Get You Hired

Nurse Recruiter and Nurse talking

Good communication is key to any good relationship, and your relationship with your Travel Nurse Recruiter is no different.

Getting an assignment as a Travel Nurse isn’t like your standard job hunt. Healthcare facilities are interested in finding qualified Nurses quickly, so Recruiters want the best information to make a case for their Nurses.

To do this, there needs to be a strong relationship between the Recruiter and you, the Nurse. There are 3 ways you can build a strong relationship with your Recruiter and increase your chances of getting hired:

Tell your Recruiter when and how to reach you

And if it changes, let us know! Our Recruiters want to communicate in a way that fits your lifestyle. Would you rather receive a text than a phone call? Can’t talk during business hours because you work nights? We can accommodate your schedule, and we want to make the process as easy for you as possible.

There can be a lot of back and forth involved during the job search. A manager at the facility may ask your Recruiter to relay a question to you. We may need some information to proceed. In the travel nursing field, time is of the essence. So let your Recruiter know when he is most likely to be able to reach you.

Give your Recruiter the right info to get you hired

Your recruiter is invested in your success. She is motivated to get you hired, and you can give your Recruiter the tools to make that happen.

Give your Recruiter an up-to-date resume that includes your work history and certifications.

Make sure your certifications won’t expire during an assignment. Let your Recruiter know if that’s the case so we can work on a plan to get you re-certified.

Let your Recruiter know about your time off needs ahead of time.

Make sure you and your Recruiter have the right documents to get you in the door at the facility where you want to go for your next assignment.

All of this information will make it easier for your Recruiter to get a “yes!” from a facility.

Let your Recruiter know when something’s wrong

Your Recruiter is an advocate for you. You need to let your Recruiter know if something isn’t going according to plan so that we can make it right.

Sometimes things don’t go smoothly after you’ve gotten the job. You may have issues with timesheets and/or payroll. You may feel like you aren’t getting what you need from other staff at the facility.

Your Recruiter is a direct line to management at the facility. We can work with the facility to make sure that you’re getting the pay and treatment you deserve.

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