Huffmaster Companies implements four technology upgrades

During summer 2018, Huffmaster Companies has invested in four technology upgrades to enhance the recruiting process and candidate experience. As we seek new ways to help our recruiters spend less time on data entry and more time focusing on developing relationships, Huffmaster is focusing on enhancing and automating four specific areas critical to the recruiting industry – communication, applicant tracking, vendor management and onboarding.

In May, Huffmaster Companies upgraded from a VoIP phone platform to CloudCall, a computer-integrated phone and messaging system. CloudCall is the leading provider of advanced communications for CRM systems, and is specifically designed for staffing companies such as Huffmaster. Moving to CloudCall has given our recruiters freedom to recruit on the go, whether at home, in the car, or in the office. CloudCall is fully integrated into our new applicant tracking system, Bullhorn, and will tie each phone call to all past customer emails, messages and call notes, helping our recruiters provide more personalized service.

The foundation of this overhaul is our implementation of Bullhorn ATS, the global leader in recruiting and applicant tracking software for the staffing industry. Created to help recruiters better evaluate and manage applicant resumes and information, applicant tracking systems (ATS) power the recruitment process from start to finish. Huffmaster phased out its previous ATS in July, upgrading to the robust platform of Bullhorn with LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook and CloudCall integration, as well as mobile recruiting capabilities.

In mid-July, Huffmaster will implement JobRobotix, a vendor management system (VMS) order automation platform. JobRobotix is an industry leader in VMS order automation, and is specifically built around the needs of healthcare staffing agencies. JobRobotix will automatically process job openings into Bullhorn ATS, allowing our recruiters to spend their time and energy on recruiting, instead of manually processing job orders.

While Bullhorn and JobRobotix power the back end of our recruiting process, EmployStream and SyncHR serve as the front-end portals for applicants and current employees. Implemented in early July, EmployStream integrates seamlessly with Bullhorn, allowing our professionals to complete paperless onboarding, manage their profiles, update credentials, and access resources, promoting a straightforward recruiting experience. EmployStream also integrates with our current workforce management platform SyncHR, where all employee benefits, payroll and HR documentation are housed.

As Huffmaster advances, we will continue to focus on automation and integration of the technology we use. These upgrades will give our recruiters the tools they need to serve our customers – both clients and candidates – more efficiently and effectively. We look forward to continuing to find, hire, and retain the top candidates in our industries, while ensuring we deliver a superior recruitment experience.