Travel Nurse Timekeeping with BlueForce

A travel nurse checking the time

Keeping a paper timesheet can be a hassle for Nurses.

For starters, Nurses are so used to doing everything digitally that it can be difficult to hold on to a paper timesheet. It can get beat up in your pocket. Your handwriting might be difficult to read.

You also need to track down someone to sign the timesheet. The last thing a Nurse wants to do after a long shift is try and find a supervisor for a signature.

Last, but not least, you often have to record time twice; once the hospital’s way, and once on your timesheet.

So why do we continue using paper timesheets?

Both the hospital and travel agency need to be able to validate the hours a Nurse has worked. Sounds simple, but it isn’t.

Without our own way of keeping time, we would have to rely on the facility’s timekeeping system, and each facility has its own way of keeping time. While likely half of our facilities use Kronos, the rest use different systems to clock people in and out.

If we aren’t keeping time, then we simply have to trust the facility to keep time properly. Then there’s no way for us to verify when a Nurse is actually working.

While paper timesheets create a little extra work, it allows us to verify the hours you’ve worked so we can make sure you are paid fairly.

Avoid common problems with timekeeping

There are a few common issues with timekeeping that can sometimes cause delays. Here are a few tips for making sure your time sheets are processed quickly.

Write legibly. It’s difficult to properly account for your time if it’s difficult or impossible to read.

Protect your timesheet. Rather than carrying the timesheet around in your pocket, keep it somewhere you’ll remember and where it’s safe.

Don’t forget to clock out at the facility. Remember, we’re validating your time sheet against the facility’s numbers. If you forget to clock out, those numbers will be off.

Don’t forget to get the timesheet signed. While it might be difficult to track down a supervisor, the timesheet needs to be signed for you to be paid.

Have questions about timekeeping? Let us know!

If you have questions about timekeeping, contact BlueForce and we’ll be happy to help you with any issues that you have.