How we welcome Nurses to the BlueForce team

If you’ve been a Travel Nurse for a while, you know that the recruiting process can sometimes feel impersonal. You talk with recruiters a lot, but you never actually meet in person.

We want you to know that there are people who care behind all of the emailing, calling and exchanging of documents.

To do that, we created the BlueForce welcome package. Each of our Travel Nurses receive the welcome package when they start their first assignment with us.

It’s our way of saying that we truly appreciate what you have to go through in order to live as a Travel Nurse. The lifestyle may be great, but there’s a lot of work you have to put in to get there. It means a lot that you’ve chosen us.

What comes in the BlueForce welcome package?

Every BlueForce welcome package comes with:

  • R-CAT booklets and EKG badges: These handy reference cards allow you to check dysrhythmias on the fly. They’re especially good for our telemetry Nurses.
  • $10 gift card: Starting a new job can be stressful. Have a coffee on us.
  • Travel tumbler mug: To hold those future coffees
  • Lanyard badge holder: Never leave for work without it!
  • Badge reels: So you don’t have to keep taking that lanyard on and off
  • Mints: Because good breath makes for happy patients (and coworkers)
  • Pens: A necessity for any Nurse
  • Sunglasses: To help you enjoy the Travel Nurse life on sunnier assignments
  • USB drive with your Nurse profile: We put a lot of effort into crafting a Nurse profile that is sure to get you hired. This profile contains your resume and other documents that potential employers want to see.
  • Tote bag: For your groceries, a change of clothes, and whatever else you may need to bring with you

So what do our Nurses think?

“Thanks a lot for my package! I received it yesterday. I look forward to using all of the little gadgets.” -BreErin

I wanted to thank you for the nice “welcome” package I received! It’s very much appreciated and I love all the goodies! Thanks again, it’s been very pleasant working with all of you.” – Kellye

“I received my welcome package today & wanted to say thank you, it’s awesome! Love the EKG cards, mug, gift card and pens.” – Kim

I LOVED the EKG laminated pocket reference! It’s easy to use and will be used by your nurses! Can’t go wrong with the gift card. It was a nice lunch on you guys. Best welcome I have received from any travel company. Love it all.” – Rechelle

What else would you like to see in our welcome package?

We’re always trying to improve the way we support our Travel Nurses. What items do you think could improve our welcome package? Let us know in the comments.