How to Make Your Temporary House Feel Like Your New Home

Imagine you just arrived at your new travel assignment destination. You are looking forward to getting started at your new work place and to exploring this city you will be calling home for the next few weeks. Your excitement for the unknown has sustained you thus far, but as you turn the knob and open the door to your new, temporary living accommodations, it suddenly hits you, you are a long way from home.

No matter if it’s for work or for pleasure, travel can be quite straining. Flying or driving a long distance can often lead to poor eating and sleeping habits which inevitably leads to your stress levels spiking. Wherever you end up going, adjusting will take time.

The good news is that there are several small things you can do to make the transition easier. Below we have listed a few tried and true ways that help you make your temporary housing feel a little more like home:

1.   Bring Your Friends and Family with You

No, not literally. However, for the few weeks you are away, a picture or two of them will help keep the homesickness at bay. Pictures of some of your favorite memories with family and friends will definitely help to add a personal touch to your new environment. According to fitness author Diana Griesel, recalling happy memories, helps relieve stress and can actually help you get to sleep better.

2.   Ensure You Get a Good Sleep

Aside from making sure you get to bed at a reasonable hour, bringing your own pillow with you can help ensure that the sleep you do get is truly relaxing and restful. Let’s be honest, hotel pillows oftentimes just don’t cut it.

3.   Treat Yourself to the Little Things

Whether it’s a nicely scented candle or a fresh bouquet of flowers, adding a little ambiance to your new place can help you settle in. Also, if you have a favorite tea or healthy snack, make sure to bring it along too. You will find that it’s these little things that will really help you change your temporary housing to a home.

4.   Make the Place Your Own

Take the liberty to move the furniture around to better suit your needs. Whether its re-positioning the lamps to improve the lighting or rearranging some of the small furniture, do what you have to, to make your new space your own.

5.   Unpack and Stay Awhile

While it might seem like a hassle at first, make sure you take the time to unpack your clothes and put your luggage away. Clear away any advertisements that you find sprinkled around your lodging while you’re at it. Over time, you will appreciate coming home to a clutter free house and not living out of your suitcase.

Did we miss anything? Is there something you always bring with you or a ritual you do when you travel? Let us know in the comments!

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