Our Top Travel Nursing Posts from Around the Web

We thought we’d give some link-love to some of our favorite sites by sharing with you excerpts (and links to) our favorite articles of late. Enjoy!

The Respect You Get

SOURCE: AllNurses.org

“Some new nurses worked their way through school; others have never held a job. In most cases, they’ve never worked a REAL job before, and there may be things about the workplace and workplace relationships that they don’t understand. We get that. But someone who is rude to other disciplines most likely will not be respected as much as they think they deserve. In most cases, when newbies aren’t liked or aren’t respected, it’s not because of bullies in the workplace; it’s because they have failed to understand and practice the basics of work place relationships.”

Why Travel Nurses Make More Money

SOURCE: TravelNursing.org

“Some agencies boast that their most successful travel nurses earn more than $100,000 per year. Travel nurses get a daily rate that covers expenses like room and board, meals, travel, and other costs, and most of the time, that is all non-taxable income.”  

Breakroom Refrigerator Theft

SOURCE: AllNurses.org

OMG. Yes. The comments are priceless, such as this gem:

“A friend of mine used to put her flavored creamer in a Tupperware bottle with the label “breast milk” on it to keep people from using up all of her creamer.”

A Guide to Meal Sharing

SOURCE: Park&Ride Blog

Meal sharing is getting to be a hot trend for travelers. Basically, you share a meal with a large group of strangers (or friends). This article has links to several resources for ensuring you have a great (and safe!) shared meal experience.

Ask a Travel Nurse: Do Staffing Companies Offer Insurance to Spouses too?

SOURCE: TravelNursingBlogs.com

“Companies that place emphasis on high hourly rates have usually not seen to the items that many Travelers deem a necessity, one of those being a good insurance plan. Those companies that allocate more money toward healthcare plans will certainly have better premiums, deductibles, and options for family coverage.”

What States Pay the Highest and Lowest Nursing Salaries

SOURCE: AllNurses.org

Spoiler alert: It’s pretty much the coastal states. The West Coast and New England states pay the most.

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